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Tudor City Greens, Inc. (the Greens) is a New York 501(c)(3)not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to preserve and enhance Tudor City's two landmarked parks. The parks are located on Tudor City Place on either side of East 42nd Street, east of Second Avenue. The Greens was formed in 1987 to assume ownership and responsibility for the parks, under the auspices of The Trust for Public Land, when Tudor City buildings were being converted to cooperative ownership by the sponsor, Time-Equities.

Discovering the Tudor City Greens Parks is for many a serendipitous experience - at least that's how it was for me.  I climbed the stairs on First Avenue one morning nearly 30 years ago on my way to work and was immediately transported to an unexpected and beautiful sight.  Who would have thought that there would be parks straddling 42nd Street, a street with a varied and not so virtuous reputation at that time. Yet here, to this newly transplanted Californian, here was a little undiscovered bit of paradise, surrounded by awesome Tudor inspired architecture. How had this special community neighborhood been hidden from me?  Many tourists and New Yorkers have had a similar serendipitous experience, for these parks are little gems and a delightful discovery. For those of you unfamiliar with the charm and serenity of Tudor City, please spend a few moments viewing this video produced by long-time Tudor City resident Juan Vich. You can explore a panoramic photo of the North Park here.

The work  required to maintain and enhance the precious beauty of the parks has been significant, and is ongoing, however, the work has been and continues to be very costly, and Tudor City Greens relies upon donations to survive. We need to maintain the upkeep of  shrubbery and plants, keep the parks clean, maintain the lighting and sprinkler systems, repair the fences and sidewalks, prune the trees, pay for exterminators, snow removal, buy equipment, and of course, pay the accountants, lawyers and insurance premiums.

The Tudor City Parks are open and lovingly maintained throughout the year, and have their own distinct beauty throughout the Four Seasons (as seen in the seasonal photos appearing on the left).
Perhaps you live in the neighborhood, are a tourist just passing through, work at the United Nations, Ford Foundation, a nearby Consulate, or work elsewhere nearby, and come into the Tudor City parks to attend a concert, eat lunch, meet a friend, or just relax. Maybe you decided to propose to a loved one here, or become one of the many couples who has chosen to get married in the Tudor City parks (a couple even chose to get married in the heart of winter during a snowstorm!!!). Maybe you are a filmmaker or location scout looking for that special location for that next movie, photo shoot or fashion show (video, film and photo shoots are not permitted without prior written permission and authorization from Tudor City Greens, Inc) .  Contact us through this website if you are interested in hosting a meeting, reception, wedding, shower, birthday party, fashion event, or afternoon tea party (depending on the event, group of up to 100 people can be accommodated comfortably).

By making a contribution to Tudor City Greens, you become a sustaining part of the vibrant Tudor City community.  In this time of need, we are urging all the buildings, residents, neighbors, tourists, visitors and friends of Tudor City to make a generous gift by Paypal, Credit Card, or Check by clicking  DONATE
If you are feeling really generous or wishing to consider leaving something to Tudor City Greens in your estate plans, please contact us via email through this website. 

Great things are happening at Tudor City Greens!  Click the NEWSLETTER heading above to read our latest newsletter, and we look forward to seeing you in the parks!

With gratitude and best wishes,

Roland Peracca

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