Tudor City Greens, Inc.

 Directors and Alternate Directors



Alternate Directors:


Lynn Shanley



Joe O'Connell

Essex House

Francis Greenburger

M.F. Shaughnessy  

Manor Associates

Susan Danielsson


Prospect Hill

William MoranDavid ReiffManor

Linda Flood


Prospect Tower

Roland Peracca

Nancy Bodurtha

Three Hs

George Brown

Robert Pederson

Tudor City Association

Susan Stamps-Griffin

Marie Zacher

Tudor City Association

Sally Hill


Tudor Tower

Leslie Cohen

Suzanne Simonelli

Tudor Gardens

Paige Judge


Windsor Tower

Anne Stoddard

Michele Keith


Sarah Coles


At Large





            Roland M. Peracca, Jr.              President

            Mary Frances Shaughnessy      First Vice President

            David Reiff                                 Vice President

            Joseph O'Connell                      Vice President for Development
            Suzanne Simonelli                     Vice President for Activities
            Lynn Shanley                             Secretary
            Lee Klinger                                Treasurer



Presidents of Tudor City Greens,Inc.


Len Grant                               April 1987 to April 1990         

(Prospect Tower)                  


Nancy Fitzpatrick                   April 19, 1990 to February 24, 2002

(Windsor, later the Manor) 


Bill Baltz                                  February 2002 (acting)

(3Hs)                                      May 13, 2002 (elected) to October 16, 2007


Julie Warshaw                        October 16, 2007 to May 12, 2009

(Tudor Gardens)   

Roland Peracca                      May 12, 2009 to Present



Tudor City Greens, Inc.

Committees – 2013 


              (as of February 2013)                   

Determines activities to be held and carries them out, e.g. Summer Concerts, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween, Art Show, Tree and Menorah Lightings. 


                                              D. Reiff                                                    Raissa Bennett (ex officio)

C. Beardsley                         C. Sale (Co-Chairperson)                     Tanya Reiff (ex officio)

P. Judge                                S. Simonelli (Co-Chairperson)             Robin Westle (ex officio)
M. Keith                                 A. Stoddard                                            Tom Westle (ex officio)

                                                                                                                M. Zacher       

Private Events  
(includes Weddings, Film and Photo Shoots)    

Roland Peracca, President
David Reiff, Vice-President and Director of Special Events                      

Finance (includes
Capital Projects)
Recommends capital projects and carries them out (subject to Board approval)


L. Klinger 
G. Brown

R. Peracca

D. Reiff

M.F. Shaughnessy


Development Committee
Recommends fund-raising plans

R. Peracca (Interim Chairperson)       Gresham Lang (ex officio)

S. Coles                                                 Rose Sculley (ex officio)

Plan, create, implement and promote the website design and content.


D. Reiff (Chairman & Webmaster)         


Design, create, and distribute theTudor City Greens newsletter.

S. Coles                                    Gresham Lang (ex officio)         
M. Keith

Grounds Oversight

R. Peracca  (Chairperson)       

W. Moran                                             Gresham Lang (ex officio)         

C. Sale

Gardener/Landscape Maintenance

Steven Stuempel




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